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Would you prefer to avoid synthetic drugs? Xcitrex is the perfect help - all natural with ingredients that actively compete with synthetically manufactured drugs.


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In order to ensure that your pleasure is resumed between the sheets as soon as possible, we offer fast delivery! (terms and conditions apply)

How It Works

How does Xcitrex work?

In order to maintain a good and healthy erection, the penis must be in top shape. It is only then that corpora cavernosa, the sponge tissue that surrounds the most inner part of the penis, can become filled with blood and the penis.

penis diagram


An erection can be dependent of both, sensory and mental stimulation, but it is the impulses from the brain and local nerves that cause the muscles in the sponge tissue of the penis to expand, allowing an increased amount of blood to flow in the penis and result in its erection. If any of the steps in the described process are interrupted, the penis stays limp or becomes erect only for a while and then returns to its non-erect state, so a normal blood flow is essential for good erection.

All Natural Solution

Various natural ingredients are presupposed to increase the flow of blood into the penis which is needed in order to reach and maintain a strong and long lasting erection. For those who oppose synthetic drugs that are often subject to numerous embarrassments at the doctor's and in pharmacies and additionally cost a lot of money, an all natural solution is the perfect answer. Among the most powerful ingredients that one is to encounter are the following: Panax Ginseng, Cordyceps Sinensis, Red Raspberry, Ginkgo Biloba, Wild Yam, Allium Tuberosum and Jujube.

Common Effects of Natural Ingredients

The mentioned natural ingredients are also present in Xcitrex and are consistently associated with numerous beneficial effects on the overall sexual health and body.

Xcitrex Formula Action Effect on Sexual Performance
Boosts the body's use of nitric oxide A chemical that is essential in producing large erections and increasing blood flow to the penis
Decreases prolactin Helps prevent erectile dysfunction as high levels of prolactin can be the cause of it
Improves cardiovascular activity Good circulation is the key factor for strong inflow of blood to the penis that causes powerful erections3
Increases sperm count, production and motility Causes stronger ejaculations and healthier sperm
Improves overall health of skin, muscle and tissue Libido is heightened, recovery time between orgasms shortens, muscles activity is enhanced
Increases nerve system's health Heightens sensations and response to stimulation
Calms the mind and sharpens the senses Cures antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction, reduces stress level and beats anxiety

How to Take Xcitrex?

One capsule of Xcitrex must be taken with liquid every 3 days, 90 minutes before sexual activity. Exceeding the suggested daily intake is not recommend


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Used tonight for first time. And I must say one word amazing. Got a erection after 30mins and stayed like that for 2 hours. Definitely be ordering again. All these negative reviews don’t really understand unless they don’t work for everyone I suppose. One happy lady

Laura King - 19/01/2018

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